2015-07-31 20:59:15

Sites on host.quksdns7.net will shortly begin migration to a new server, which will result in a period of flux for each account as files are transferred and DNS updates.

Though DNS will be repointed to the new server, if issues are experienced post-migration, please attempt to allow 15 minutes for DNS updates if using our nameservers and clear your browser cache before contacting Support.
If using third-party DNS, the new server name is host36.qnop.net , with the address and nameservers of ns72.qnop.net and ns73.qnop.co.uk , should you wish to update yours.

2015-08-01 14:41:34

All accounts have now been migrated to the new server.

In the event of any site issues, please clear your browser cache and retry, and ensure that your DNS is pointing to the new server by suffixing "/cpanel" to your domain (it should come up with a cPanel page on host36) before raising a ticket with Support.

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